Basic types of knee pads

- Sep 14, 2018 -

There are basically two types of kneecap.

One is the kind commonly seen in a physical store.

In fact, there is a big hole in front of the knee can be exposed, usually bundled, and then fixed with glue knee pads. This kind of kneepad can make the knee can not bend easily after being tied tight, the thighs and calves are always in a straight line of the knee, so it is very suitable for severe "braking" after the knee injury.

The other is a thin kneecap on the knee, with a certain degree of flexibility, the knee can still move freely after wearing, but can clearly feel the patella is slightly tightened, and this kneecap breathability is very good, so it is recommended in daily sports activities, the use of this kind of gentle braking kneecap to protect the knee.

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