Classification of waist protection

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Usually warm and waist protected: waist protected by cotton and wool.

Add magnet to protect waist: enhance magnetic therapy effect.

Self heating waist protection: such as far infrared waist protection

Electric heating waist: electric heating treasure, etc.

Bamboo charcoal fiber waist protection: bamboo charcoal fiber cashmere, pure cotton, carbon wire breathable waistband

High performance waist protection: more flexible resin lath, nylon, polyurethane ester, polyester, breathable, fixed, comfortable features

  • Breathable Support Waist Belt Protecting Waist
  • Ankle Support for Running Cycling
  • Indoor Standard Dimensions 25mm Table Tennis Table
  • Poplar Wood Table Tennis Racket
  • Good Elasticity Fast Speed Table Tennis Rubber
  • Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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