Waist-protecting function range

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Lumbar protection is suitable for lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, postpartum protection, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar vertebra disease, gastric cold, dysmenorrhea, abdominal distention, physical chills and other warm physiotherapy. Suitable crowd:

1. sedentary and long standing people. Such as drivers, desk staff, salesmen and so on.

2. physical deficiency cold, the waist needs warm, orthopaedic crowd. Postpartum women, underwater workers, frozen environment practitioners and so on.

3. suffering from lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar bone hyperplasia and so on.

4. obese people. Obese people can use waist to help the waist to save energy and at the same time to control food intake.

5. think people who need to protect their waist.

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