Fukuhara Ai Is Committed To Promoting Cultural Exchanges

- Nov 02, 2018 -

Fukuhara Ai is committed to promoting cultural exchanges and cultivating outstanding talents for table tennis players

Netease Entertainment reported on October 31 that Japanese table tennis star Fukuhara Ai announced his retirement, indicating that the future will shift its focus to cultural exchanges and cultivate excellent table tennis talents to give back to the society. A Japanese brand also looks at the influence of Fukuhara Ai in Taiwan. It is an honour to announce that Fukuhara Ai has become the spokesperson for the brand in Taiwan. When talking about the one-year-old Aila sauce, Fukuhara love is full of happiness and smiles: "Aila sauce is now understood by adults. Chinese and Japanese will react, especially when I am in the milk powder, she will Say to me 'Oh...'".


Fukuhara loves to remember the first time as a novice mother, will always pay attention to whether Aila sauce has a spirit and appetite every day, especially with her daughter to the hospital routine check, found that her daughter will become very rewarding. Since childhood, I have been hailed by the Japanese people as a love-sweet sauce. Have you observed that your daughter has also inherited the cry of love? Let Fukuhara love embarrassed smile and say: "Aila sauce is rarely raised in the middle of the night after three months of age. It is usually a dawn. The frequency of her laugh is very high. This makes me feel relieved. It seems that it is not a Little girl crying."


On November 2nd of this week, Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie will be invited to attend the fashion festival as the award winners. This is the first time that Fuyuan Ai Xuan’s retired, together with Jiang Hongjie in Taiwan. In addition to the wedding, Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie, who have been playing in the sports circle for a long time, rarely have the opportunity to take the red carpet. Especially from the staff, they know that there will be a Avenue of Stars on the same day, so that Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie feel very fresh but also reveal little tension. The two said they hope to have a good performance.

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