Malong Quits The Swedish Open Due To Injury

- Nov 02, 2018 -

Beijing time on November 1st news, 2018 the International Table Tennis Federation World Tour Sweden Open competition, the Chinese men's doubles suffered a blow, Fan Zhendong combined to lose the first round, Malone retired due to injury.

Malone signed up for the men's singles and men's doubles in this competition. He played with Xu Wei in doubles. However, before the first round of the race, Malone chose to retire because of injury, he quit all the men's singles and men's doubles.

Malone/Xu Wei retired due to injury, the hope of Guoping men's doubles can only be pinned on Fan Zhendong / Liang Jingkun, they encountered the host group Carl Bog / Molgard in the first round. The first game Fan Zhendong / Liang Jingkun quickly launched, they quickly opened the score to 11 to 4 first. After that, the Swedish combination gradually got better, and they took two 11-8 rebounds. Fan Zhendong/Liang Jingkun, who had no retreat, regained 11 to 7 in the fourth game. Unfortunately, they had more mistakes in the tiebreaker. The Swedish team won by 11 to 8 and eliminated Fan Zhendong/Liang Jingkun by 3 to 2. After the Fan Zhendong combination was out, the Guoping men's doubles were completely wiped out in this Swedish Open.


The women's doubles ended the first round of competition, and the Chinese team's three pairs of matches went through. Liu Gaoyang/Zhang Rui, who qualified for the qualifying match, succeeded in losing the first game. They beat the three innings to defeat Exkhor in Sweden by 3 to 1 (9 to 11, 11 to 6, 11 to 7, 11 to 7). M/Li Fen. Wang Mang/Chen can beat 3 to 1 (13 to 11, 11 to 5, 8 to 11, 14 to 12) to defeat the multinational team Balazova/Matrova, Chen Xingtong/Sun Yingsha after 5 games in a fierce battle to 3 to 2 (11 More than 8, 11 to 13, 11 to 5, 6 to 11, 13 to 11) win over Germany's Sorga / Winter.

In the quarter-finals, Wang Mang/Chen Ke will encounter Japan's Ishikawa Kasumi / Ito Meisei, Chen Xingtong / Sun Yingsha against Japan's other pair of bridges, Hiroshi Sato, Sato.

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