The Choice Of The Table Tennis Racket Rubber

- Sep 14, 2018 -

In addition to the cheaper racket is the finished shot outside, generally have to choose another for the racket rubber. Rubber has a positive gum, anti-gum, long gum, its choice and play is inseparable. "Positive plastic particles outward, the particle height and diameter ratio of not more than 1:1, it hit more stable and fast, but also can cause a certain rotation, and not easy to eat turn son, suitable for the near-fast attack type of play." Anti-gum particles facing inward, smooth outward, viscous, large friction, easy to cause a strong rotation, suitable for arc and chop players, is also the most commonly used rubber. Long gum is also particles outward, but its particles longer and soft, rotation change strange, generally rely on the ball to determine the rotational strength of the ball, and produce the opposite rotation, so that the opponent is difficult to adapt, users should have comprehensive technology and play changeable.

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