When Heard Zhang Yining Will Come Here,all Table Tennis Bats Slod Out !

- Nov 19, 2018 -

"The Grand Slam Zhang Yining is coming!" A few weeks ago, the news broke away in the port of Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea (hereinafter referred to as Papua New Guinea). “How can the Olympic champion come to our island?” The questions of the local residents were quickly solved. The China Table Tennis Association, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, China Table Tennis Academy, Papua New Sports Department, Papua New Olympic Committee, Papua New Guinea The Pachinin Training Center of the China Table Tennis Academy, jointly established by the Table Tennis Association, was officially unveiled recently. Zhang Yining, a teacher at the China Table Tennis Academy of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, is the first person to come to the training center to teach the players of the Papua New National Table Tennis Team.


"The Big Devil" ignites the enthusiasm of the people


Zhang Yining, once a sister of the world table tennis, is known as the "big devil". Her influence has ignited the enthusiasm of the people of the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea. Shao Yuping, chairman of the Papua New Taiwan Table Tennis Association, said in an interview with this reporter that "I heard that Zhang Yining is coming, the table tennis bats in the local sporting goods store are sold out, and the local residents want to sign the Olympic champion. They not only regard Zhang Yining as the world champion. It is more like a 'national treasure character'."


Shi Zhizhen, deputy dean of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and dean of the China Table Tennis Academy, said that the Papua New Training Center is the second overseas Chinese table tennis institute established after the European branch. It will be a long-term commitment to promote table tennis in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. Development and popularization of the island country. The two institutions of the Chinese Ping Pong Institute set up three functions of high-level athlete training, ping-pong sports popularization, and ping-pong culture overseas promotion. They not only help the level of competition for foreign table tennis players, but also popularize the popularity of table tennis. People feel the charm of ping pong. By spreading the "ping-pong culture", the "business card" of table tennis will let the world better understand China, understand China, and love China.

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